Creating Homeownership Opportunities For Those Who Need It Most

 As a specialty finance company, Battery Point Financial's primary mission is to help lower income and under-banked consumers realize their dreams of home ownership. We understand potential homeowners in these situations have typically been unable to finance home purchases. Until now. 

A Better Way to Own Your Home


 We’re dedicated to providing a new, better way to purchase and finance a home. That’s why we believe in delivering responsible, affordable lending to lower-income people does just that. 

Long-Term Financing


 Not only do we invest in low income communities and finance homes we sell for a 20-year term, but we also supplement every contract with consumer education platforms for first-time homeowners. 

Consumer Safety


To protect consumers, all our contracts prevent equity stripping, ensuring that all gains from the sale of a property, net of debt, belong to the homebuyer. 

As part of our home ownership program, Battery Point Financial is an active acquirer of non-performing home loans and vacant properties.

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